This Holiday, CSM’s Financial Services Division Gifts the College’s Hawk Feeders, Micro-Pantries On All 4 Campuses

Standing with their donation to the CSM micro-pantries called the Hawk Feeders are members of the CSM Financial Services Division. From left are Accounting Specialist II, Bursar's Office Cathy Jordan; Program Assistant, Mediation Center Valerie Outlaw; Program Specialist, Mediation Center Jean-Marie Hansen; Vice President, Financial Services Tony Jernigan; Accounting Manager, Procurement Cassie Roat; Executive Assistant to the VP-Financial Services Jennifer Everhart; Executive Director, Budget Judy Mills; Accounting Specialist II Procurement Sheila Goldberg; Executive Director, Financial Services Bob Cochrane; Director, Mediation Center Julie Walton; Textbooks Manager, College Store Brian Volack; and Purchasing Agent Procurement Keri Field.

For a decade now, employees who work for the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Financial Services Division have joined as a group during the season of giving to support those in need in the community. Each year, the division supports a different charity or non-profit.

This year, their donations went toward filling CSM’s Hawk Feeders – micro-pantries that are made available to all students at each of CSM’s four campuses.

“This came about as a group decision to make a difference and give to those in need,” explained CSM Financial Services Vice President Tony Jernigan. “Honestly, I think we all were a little surprised to learn about how extensive the need is for these pantries. It is our honor to help our students succeed in every way possible.”

Among the team’s donations were dry foods, individually packaged snacks, soups, microwave meals and personal hygiene items.

Since 2017, CSM’s has offered a variety of supplies in the Hawk Feeders to help address the short-term basic food needs any student may be experiencing. Built by a CSM faculty member, the Hawk Feeder pantries are stocked through individual donations by faculty, staff and students as well as through food drives, under the adage, “Give what you can, take what you need.”

“Through various surveys and outreach efforts, our staff began to realize that many of the high school students who used food vouchers throughout their public school careers came to CSM and were having to readjust to the rigors of higher education, and readjust to not receiving free or reduced-priced meals,” said CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy. “It is difficult to learn, when you’re hungry. These Hawk Feeders allow us to help our learners stay focused on their studies while they adjust to their independence.”



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