Maryland Auto Dealers Association Steer Resources Towards CSM For CPR Training

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Training and preparation can save lives, this is the message that was driven home as the Maryland Auto Dealers Association, on behalf of Ken Dixon Chevrolet in Waldorf and Aldridge Ford in Lexington Park, presented four Laerdal Little Anne™ and one Resusci® Anne manikins to the College of Southern Maryland on Feb. 19.

“Our goal is to provide equipment that will train as many volunteers and students as possible in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation so they are prepared should a life-threatening situation confront them,” said Albert M. Scrimger Jr. of the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association.

“These are much more life-like than the ones I first obtained my CPR training on,” said CSM President Bradley Gottfried as he cradled Resusci ®Anne's head in his hands. “The weight and the flexibility of the skin are so different compared to the woodenness of some manikins,” he added.

The college provides two to three CPR training classes a month among its campuses in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties, explained Linda Goodman, CSM's Lab/Media coordinator. “Equipping people with the training to perform CPR is valuable,” said Goodman. “We've found that even students taking our Junior Medic Teen College course want to know about CPR, whether it's for baby-sitting purposes or because they live with grandparents and want to know how to help in an emergency.”

The donation of the Laerdal Little Anne™ and Resusci®Anne manikins provides CSM's Leonardtown and La Plata campuses with full sets of resuscitation equipment that will enable students to learn key CPR and defibrillation skills and techniques, and receive immediate input from instructors and the manikin's internal diagnostic equipment.

For information on CSM's nursing, allied health, and continuing education classes such as CPR offerings visit

For information on CSM's Teen College, 301-934-7634, 301-870-3008, Ext. 7634 for Charles County; 240-725-5499, Ext. 7634 for St. Mary's County or 443-550-6199, Ext. 7634 for Calvert County or visit