Landscapes of the District and Southern Maryland: Christopher Scott Dolan


One of the things that fascinates artist Christopher Scott Dolan about art is how “one person's influence ripples through what follows,” he said recently at a Gallery Talk at the College of Southern Maryland. While studying different artists, Dolan discovered images, objects and postures being repeated and eventually showing up in his own paintings. Much of the repetition that Paul Cezanne, Dolan's favorite artist, put in his own works influenced Dolan as did the many comic books and cartoons he looked as a child. Starting in the summer of 2011, Dolan did one landscape painting a day. He said that on certain days the task ahead seemed arduous but on others it was “the best thing.” Since he was producing so many paintings, he used inexpensive materials, which gave him much freedom. A selection of these paintings are on display at the Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery located in the Fine Arts (FA) Center on the college's La Plata Campus, 8730 Mitchell Road, La Plata through Oct. 2. For gallery hours and information, visit