CSM Faculty Join to Kick Off CSM Fall Semester; Classes Set to Begin Sept. 4

faculty dinner
New CSM faculty stand for recognition at the 2018 CSM faculty dinner held Aug. 29 to kick off the 2018 CSM fall semester which begins Sept. 4.

Excitement continues to build at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) as staff and faculty prepare to welcome students for the 2018 fall semester, beginning Sept. 4. The college held its faculty dinner Aug. 29 to give faculty the opportunity to meet and re-engage before classes begin. During the dinner, CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy thanked the faculty for their commitment to CSM’s students and stressed the importance of every learner.

“We are fortunate fall lets us reset the clock and reach out to learners once again to help them become what they need to become,” she said. “How do our young people learn discernment in the environment we live in? You help them break through the noise to help them navigate in this really confusing world. You are the ones who do that. And in five years and beyond, you are the person they will remember for guiding their way.”

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During 2018, the College of Southern Maryland celebrates its 60th anniversary. Established as part of the continuing expansion of the community college in America, Charles County Junior College opened Sept. 17, 1958. The La Plata Campus was established at its present location in 1968, with college services expanding to St. Mary’s County in 1978 and Calvert County in 1980. For information about the college’s history, visit http://news.csmd.edu/60th/.

Today, CSM is a regionally accredited community college that provides programs and services with a special focus on local workforce development to maintain and grow a healthy economy and community. CSM serves more than 24,000 credit and continuing education students. For information about CSM, call 301-934-7765 or visit www.csmd.edu. For information on employment at CSM, visit www.csmd.edu/employment.