CSM Awards Scholarships for 2014-15 Academic Year

More than $300

259 Students Receive More than $300,000 in Scholarships

The College of Southern Maryland celebrated the 2014-15 academic year scholarship awardees and donors on Sept. 17 during a reception at the Center for Business and Industry on the La Plata Campus. More than $300,000 in scholarships were awarded to 259 students.

CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried recognized 77 scholarship donors, who are making a difference in Southern Maryland by partnering with the CSM Foundation in keeping education affordable and accessible—which in turn, he said, enhances the health and welfare of the local economy.

            “I see daily the lives that are being changed here at CSM and it is because of the support of our donors that we are able to continue our work of helping students realize their potential,” said Gottfried. “The more opportunities we present as a community for our students to succeed, the bigger impact we will make in transforming the Southern Maryland region.”

Speaking to scholarship recipients, CSM Foundation Chair Chris Rush said, “I have firsthand knowledge of the support of this community because just like you, I attended the College of Southern Maryland, Class of 1987. Today, as the chair of the Foundation and an active member of the Southern Maryland community, I see the impact of CSM. Everywhere I turn there is something CSM-related: a campus, a student, a program, an employee. That says a lot about CSM and its presence in the community, and you are now a part of this great tradition.”
            Two scholarship recipients spoke at the reception, Nichole Estep of Lusby, who received the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship, and Liza Dalrymple of Prince Frederick who received the Dennis Lake Smith Memorial Art Scholarship and the Jerome A. Zanelotti, Sr. Memorial Scholarship.

Estep, a nursing student, told donors that in addition to her supportive husband, mother and siblings, she is “thankful for the people who are not my family, who don’t know much about me, who I never met—until tonight—but who have also encouraged me, stood by me and believed in me: the people who create and donate to scholarships so people like me can pursue their dreams. I would personally like to thank all of you who give to the foundation for your selfless charity.”

Dalrymple returned to college to pursue a passion in art. “At this present moment, the opportunity to return to college is a joyous gift. I’m living in the moment—and enjoying the present. But I’m also living with the understanding that everything I do, every class I take, every teacher’s lecture, every art project—is shaping my future. I want to promise the donors of the scholarships that I received–I will make you proud. I promise, your generous donations are appreciated,” she said.

More than 72 percent of college students nationwide graduate with student loan debt, according to Gottfried. “This is why CSM is taking great strides to educate our students, their spouses and parents about the opportunity and wise decision to save more than $29,000 by starting here at CSM for their freshmen and sophomore years.”

Scholarships awarded for the 2014-15 academic year include:

Adjunct Faculty Scholarship

Hannah Arnold

Christina Day

Valerie Dowell

Kenneth Howard


Albert L. Elder Jr. Family Scholarship

Sean Frost


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Scholarship

Keanuu Smith-Brown


Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship

Monica Jones

Mandi Ransome


Besche Family Scholars and Mentoring Program Annual Scholarship

James Eppley

Wesley Olsen

Kenneth Parker


Bill Wood Memorial Scholarship

Annie Mendoza


Brad and Linda Gottfried Against All Odds Annual Scholarship

Ciera Gantt


Brad and Linda Gottfried Art Scholarship in Memory of Bernice Gottfried

Emma Ansell


Brock Nikolas Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship

Valerie Dowell


Bryce T. Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Christina DeNeale


C. Emmitt Woodey Theatre Scholarship

Joanna Espiritu


Calvert Chamber of Commerce Endowed Scholarship

Crystal Kirven


Calvert County Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship

Abreellen Brown

Stephen Dodson

Nichole Estep

Jordan Stearns


Charles County Nursing and Allied Health Programs Scholarship

Lindsey Acquaviva

Rheya Brown

James Byrnes

Rochelle Douglas

Brittany Halmon


Charles County Woman's Club Scholarship

Toyan Bell


Charles Robert Posten Memorial Scholarship

Samuel Allen


Chiaramonte Hope Scholarship

Christina DeNeale

Crystal Kirven

Symone Matthews

Kara Merritt

Heather Santimays

Lindsey Thurman


Christopher Chinault Scholarship

Matthew Owens

Heather Santimays

Susan Wallish


Concerned Black Women of Calvert County – Women in Transition Scholarship

Ashlie Boyd


Connie Kite Memorial Scholarship

Alexandra Knott


Exelon Generation Nuclear Engineering Technology Annual Scholarship

Brandon Cousineau

Benjamin Dunn

Robert Fennelly

Russell Kay

Emily Kerwin

David Maines

Shawn Murphy


Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Ruth Mathes Scholarship

Erin Tayman


CSM Alumni Scholarship

Bernice Ngere


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Marrick Homes

Matthew Edgar


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by BAE

Alessia Parks


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Exelon Generation-Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant

Christopher Isom


CSM Foundation Realize Your Potential Scholarship

David Callahan

Kimberly Campbell

Brittany Cobey

Jenna Courville

Meghan Crout

Kimberly Dubinsky

Andrew Hackney

Daniel Ledbetter

Lisa Parker

Stacie Prinkey

Denise Rhoads

Michael Rice

LaShawnia Wells


CSM Foundation Scholarship for Returning Adults

Lenita Balsbough

Carrie Catalan

Latrice Chase

Kenneth Howard

Doralee Kusztos

Heather Oliver

Aimee Pellegrino

Lori Rushworth

Nieda Tice

Leonard Valley


CSM Foundation Scholarship in Memory of Eric Sawchak

Maria Estevez


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Brad and Linda Gottfried

Caroline DeHaven

Erica Jones


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Calvert Memorial Hospital

Melissa Sager


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Dominion Foundation

Connor Taylor


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Maureen Cunningham and Gerry Van De Velde

Nicholas Fastnaught


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital

Kelcei McElvine


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Miles and Stockbridge, P.C.

Carly Penny


CSM Foundation Scholarship sponsored by Quality Built Homes, Inc.

Kyle Harlow


CSM Prince Frederick Campus Student Association Scholarship

Kristin Hemmer


Dennis Lake Smith Memorial Art Scholarship