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CSM Students Showcase Their Artistic Talents

With 87 submissions for the College of Southern Maryland Annual Student Juried Art Show, the Tony Hungerford Memorial Gallery overflowed with the artistic talents of CSM students. Submissions included everything from oil paintings and photographs to ceramics. From the entries, six students were recognized for their efforts.

Schuyler Shireman of Lexington Park received first place for his untitled work using light and showdown on a silver gelatin print. Alinda Heron of Prince Frederick received second place for an untitled piece of a cyanotype of a fabric print. Cyanotype is a style of photography print work that gives the work a bluish tent. Nicole Stewart of Hughesville placed third for her oil painting, “Hannah.”

Stewart is a repeat winner, having received first place last year for her oil painting of “Francis Street , Annapolis,” a realistic recreation of the historic city. In describing this year’s submission, Stewart said, “My subject was a fellow art student named Hannah who was painting her dog as I painted her. I wanted to capture the essence of the person, which is hard to do with portraits, but with Hannah it was easy because she was so in the moment of painting her pet.”

Three artists received honorable mention: Katelyn Morgan of Nanjemoy for an untitled assemblage of various three-dimensional objects, Penney Ward of Port Tobacco for an untitled piece using a mixed media and Natalie Pazarian of California for a stoneware piece “When the Lights Go Out.”

During the traditional gallery talk, students discuss the inspiration for their work. “I wanted to keep busy, so I began taking art classes at the college,” said Shelia Orton of Indian Head who retired after 25 years at the Charles County Board of Education. “This is a great experience for me as a senior citizen, because being around the young people keeps me alive and active.” Her entry was an untitled pencil work.

“For my collage, I chose colors that spoke to me and followed my instincts,” said Diane Payne of Waldorf. “This is my first time entering a piece in the show and I am very lucky to have a good instructor like Larry Chappelear to guide me.”

Another first-time entrant, Nareesa Shorter of Waldorf, said, “I like to do portraits because they challenge me to find the realism and create a natural look of the subject. I encourage everyone to just go out and do it when it comes to painting, because it’s not about talent, it’s about the joy of creating.”

Heron explained that her piece was inspired by pictures of her husband’s grandmother. “I found these pictures of my husband’s grandmother and I wanted to capture the beauty in the pictures. I like quilts because they were used to tell stories and that was what I wanted to do—to tell her story through art.”

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