Students Receive Scholarships from Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation, CSM Foundation

Representatives from the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation and the College of Southern Maryland Foundation joined CSM students who were awarded scholarships for the 2016-17 academic year at the May 11 scholarship reception in Waldorf. Front from left are Christopher Barnwell

16 Years; 404 students; $530,000 in scholarships

For 16 years, some of the top students in Charles County have had an ally when it comes to affording an excellent higher education at the College of Southern Maryland. Through a partnership between the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation and the CSM Foundation, 404 Charles County students have received more than $530,000 in scholarships from the Jaycees, matched dollar-for-dollar by the CSM Foundation.

On May 11, 2016, the 28 recipients of the 2016-2017 school year and 14 renewed Greater Waldorf Jaycees and CSM Foundation Scholarships were announced and honored at the annual reception.

CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried spoke at the reception, telling the students that spring is his favorite time of year ? a time when students are graduating and moving into the next phases of their lives, and in many ways realizing their dreams.

“You are our future leaders, teachers, artists, engineers and scientists,” Gottfried told the audience of students and their families. “It is because of your hard work, the support of your family, friends and the career counselors that we are able to continue our work of helping students like you realize their potential and afford the cost of higher education.”

As they succeed in their first year of college and continue to do well academically, the first-year recipients will have the opportunity to have their scholarships renewed for a second year. Kathryn Newsome is one of those students. The White Plains resident has finished her first year at CSM, where she is studying biological sciences with the intent of becoming an obstetrician. Newsome graduated in 2015 from Westlake High School, ranked fourth out of 353 students.

Newsome said at the reception that she has two siblings in college and attending CSM meant that she can further her education without accruing massive debt. Newsome has known since she was a child that she wanted to be a doctor, and her time at CSM has helped her find the path to the type of doctor she wants to be.

“Originally, my focus was to major in chemistry and pursue a career in pharmacy,” Newsome said. “However, I have now decided to major in biology, and pursue a career in obstetrics. My biology professor, Professor Lee Vines, helped me enjoy a subject that I once dreaded. His passion and enthusiasm for biology passed onto me, which made me decide to major in biology ? though I still have an interest in chemistry.”

When she graduates from CSM next spring, Newsome will attend either the University of Maryland or University of Maryland Baltimore County to earn her bachelor's degree in biology before moving on to medical school.

Kevin Wedding, director of the executive board of the Waldorf Jaycees Foundation and government liaison for the organization, said the Jaycees have been honored to be a part of this scholarship program for the last 16 years. Wedding said the program is meant to be a pathway to the future for the students who might face challenges at school.

“We believe the 'B' students should have that opportunity to get an education,” Wedding said. “We want to help them start on the next step of their lives and get ready for their futures. That's what we do at the Jaycees ? we believe in investing in the future and in our students.”

Recipients of the 2016-17 Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation-CSM Foundation Scholarships are: Suha Ansari of Waldorf, Patricia Atkinson of Waldorf, Christopher Brown of Waldorf, Briana Carter of Waldorf, Catherine Co of Waldorf, Alyssa Danner of Indian Head, Camille De Jesus of Bryans Road, Joshua Edwards of Waldorf, Matthew Eppley of Charlotte Hall, Joseph Garrow of Hughesville, Kara Harley of Waldorf, Branden Herscher of Waldorf, Zachary Hooper of Benedict, Clifford Hughes III of La Plata, Kayla Johnson of Pomfret, Elizabeth Kennedy of White Plains, Sandra Lopez of Waldorf, Briana Puffenbarger of Marbury, Jordan Queen of Waldorf, Seth Rison of La Plata, Angela Santos of Waldorf, William Slagle of Faulkner, Lauren Smith of Waldorf, Zavier Taylor of La Plata, Leeadrian Tengco of Waldorf, Anttonia Vance of Newburg, Eden Wagner of White Plains and James Weeks of Indian Head.

Recipients of the 2016-17 Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation-CSM Foundation Renewed Scholarships are: Trevor Abell of La Plata, Christopher Barnwell of Bel Alton, Haley Carr of Waldorf, Katelyn Gilroy of Nanjemoy, Jessi Langley of La Plata, Luke Mahaney of La Plata, Kayla Mendoza of Waldorf, Kathryn Newsome of White Plains, Foram Patel of La Plata, Khusbuben Patel of La Plata, Breonna Posey of Nanjemoy, Brittany Puffenbarger of Marbury, Klarenz Sarabia of Waldorf and Brandon Will of Nanjemoy.


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