President’s Statement on Social Media Posts

Part-time instructor Professor Jeannine James’ recent “likes” and posts on Facebook are contrary to the values of the College of Southern Maryland. Ms. James’ social media posts are hers alone and do not represent the position of the College.

The College’s position on free speech is clearly stated in our Free Speech and Expression Policy (GA3011):

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) is committed to fostering a learning environment where free inquiry and expression are encouraged. The College encourages analytical thought and informed dialogue to nurture productive rather than divisive debate. The College expects that persons engaging in expressive activities will demonstrate civility, concern for the safety of persons and property, respect for College activities, respect for those who may disagree with their message, and compliance with College policies and applicable local, state, and federal laws.

All members of the college community are free to express their views as private citizens; however, the College must foster a learning environment that is inclusive and free from discrimination. The College of Southern Maryland is reviewing this matter to determine whether any violations of College policy have occurred.