Mobile Hawk Feeders Land at Drive-Thru Food Distribution Events For CSM Students in Need

CSM students and staff connect during a drive-thru food distribution event at CSM's Regional Hughesville Campus.

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Student Services team recently held a drive-thru food distribution event at CSM’s Regional Hughesville Campus to help CSM students who are struggling financially and experiencing food insecurities. The first event was held May 21, and another is scheduled for June 11.

“When several of our students reported they were still having a hard time feeding themselves and their families during this pandemic, it didn’t take a minute for us to move into action,” said CSM Vice President of Student Equity and Success (SES) Tracy Harris. “Together with our Student Government Association and community partners, we mobilized to create care packages and put a plan into motion.”

The SES team first met to empty the campuses’ Hawk Feeders micro-food pantries and then packed up 140 bags of food to give away. Helping with the Mobile Hawk Feeder effort were Pastor John Lewis with the Servants of Christ Church, New Life Church, the Charles County Department of Social Services and Lifepoint Church, who all donated additional food. In addition, the CSM Foundation donated large bags for packaging the groceries.

All CSM students are eligible to participate in next drive-thru food distribution event scheduled for June 11 from 1- 3 p.m. at the Hughesville Regional Campus, but registration is required to ensure there are enough groceries-to-go. Interested students should check their email account, or the CSM App, for additional information.

Since 2017, the College of Southern Maryland (CSM) has offered food provided through Hawk Feeders at each of CSM’s four campuses. Hawk Feeders help address the short-term basic food needs any student may be experiencing. Built by a CSM faculty member Bill Luyster, the Hawk Feeders are stocked through individual donations by faculty, staff and students as well as through food drives, under the adage, “Give what you can, take what you need.”

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