Love Earns International Mail Communications Recognition


            News traveled fast that College of Southern Maryland Mail, Distribution and Fulfillment Services Coordinator Janice Love earned a big nod from her industry peers. While attending the 34th Annual Conference for MAILCOM, the world's largest education organization for mail communications, Love received the Master Certification in Mail Communications (MCOM) certification and the Certified Mail & Distribution System Manager (CMDSM) certification.

            MCOM is awarded to mail industry professionals who have earned 10 certificates at MAILCOM. CMDSM certification is awarded by Mail Systems Management Association (MSMA), a professional trade association dedicated to the development and advancement of individuals in a wide array of industries supporting mail, communication and distribution channels.

            “Normally only one certificate is earned per conference, but Janice has made the most of her time, learning about ways to make the college’s communications efficient and effective,” said CSM Senior Executive Director of Marketing Theresa Johnson, who added that since 1989 there are only about 300 mail managers who have earned their CMDSM credentials and only 25 industry professionals who have earned MCOM. “These types of national certifications take a lot of time and effort and I want to congratulate Janice on these distinctions.”

“The training I receive at MAILCOM has allowed me to stay abreast of mail industry changes to ensure that the college is in compliance with the latest [U.S. Postal Service] standards. Each step in a compliance effort is years in the making and represents an opportunity to realize cost-savings, streamline efficiencies and take a hard look at resource management,” said Love.

            “As many [people] know, everything changes constantly with the U.S. Postal Service, especially in recent years, and the college’s Mail and Distribution Services Department is usually on the cutting edge of these changes thanks to Janice. She not only shares her understanding of new USPS developments with her staff, but is often advising and teaching others in the mail and distribution industry,” said Mail Operations Specialist Melba M. Fetty.

Love has worked for CSM for 14 years as the Mail, Distribution and Fulfillment Services Coordinator. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Frostburg State University.

            “Ensuring that information on CSM’s programs and events reach the community is a top priority for me. Having the opportunity to identify target markets, drive direct mail campaigns and dovetail those efforts with e-mail marketing is a unique niche in the marketing world, one which I thoroughly enjoy. Being able to do so for CSM, an organization that is truly a community resource for everyone in the tri-county area, is an honor,” said Love.

            “Janice’s zeal for efficiency saves the college time, energy, manpower and money—savings that are passed on to provide better services for our students,” said Vice President of Advancement Michelle Goodwin. “We are proud of Janice’s accomplishments and recognition from her peers. Her dedication to the college is an inspiration.”

MAILCOM is the world’s largest education organization for mail communications. Since 1982, executives and managers responsible for their organization’s mail, facilities and distribution services have made MAILCOM the top source for professional knowledge, development and training. MAILCOM is sponsored by Mail Systems Management Association and MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution.

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