Greater Waldorf Jaycees, CSM Foundations Award Scholarships to 31 Charles County Students

Jaycee scholarship
Scholarship recipients and honored guests at the awards ceremony include: Caitlin Addison, Sufyan Ansari, Christian Brady, Jhaqori Campbell, Elaina Dixon, Jada Duckett, Matthew Gaines, Aija Johnson, Ashley Fenton, Hayley Tanner, Gina Markovich, Greater Waldorf Jaycee Suzanne Wible, Megan Caudle, Danielle McCann, Yanelle Montilla, Parshva Patel, Matthew Santos, Micco Simms, Kaitlyn Slaon, Hayley Tanner, Brittanie Durham, CSM Foundation Chair Nancy Hempstead, Greater Waldorf Jaycee Kevin Wedding, CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy, Katelyn Kluh, Tristan Sarabia. Ankit Lohani, Jean Luc Montilla, Dawson Jewell, Meeklyn Duhon, CSM Vice President of Advocacy and Community Engagement Michelle Goodwin, CSM Trustee Emeritus Dorothea Smith and CSM Director of Development Chelsea Brown.

Foundations have awarded 484 Charles County Students In Excess of $1.2 million Since 2000

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Foundation and the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation collaborated in June for the 19th consecutive year to award scholarships to Charles County students both entering and returning to CSM.

During the 2018-2019 Scholarship Awards Reception at the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Community Center June 13, the foundations jointly presented scholarships to 16 new CSM students and renewed scholarships for 15 students who are returning to CSM in the fall. The amount of scholarships totaled $66,500.

“As the president of the College of Southern Maryland, this is my favorite time of year. It’s a time of completion, seeing our students’ realize their dreams, and a time for new beginnings,” said CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy.

Referring to the scholarship recipients as “future leaders, teachers, artists, engineers and scientists,” Murphy lauded the students for their successes and praised the support of their family, friends and career counselors.

“We are fortunate to have the CSM Foundation, the fundraising arm of the college, which is comprised of volunteers, CEOs and educators who spend their talents and resources raising money for scholarships and partnership programs that will benefit our students,” Murphy continued. “This scholarship program and its continued success is a testament to the successful and lasting partnership between the two foundations. Together, we are committed to making certain that Charles County high school graduates have the opportunities and support required to help them realize their potential.”

CSM Foundation Chair Nancy Hempstead also congratulated the scholarship recipients and commended the Great Waldorf Jaycees Foundation for its continued support. Over the past 19 years, the Great Waldorf Jaycees Foundation and the CSM Foundation together have awarded 484 Charles County students more than $1.2 million through the scholarship fund.

“We are honored to partner with the Great Waldorf Jaycees Foundation in working toward a common goal – to invest in students,” Hempstead said.

The reception’s student speaker was CSM 2018 Alumna Camille De Jesus, who was a two-time recipient of the Greater Waldorf Jaycees CSM Foundation scholarship. De Jesus was among the spring 2018 graduates, receiving her degree in arts and sciences. During her time at CSM, she served her fellow students as the treasurer of the La Plata Campus Student Association as well as been a leader with the La Plata Campus Club of Women in STEM. For her many acts of service, she was honored with the President’s Cup.

“Without scholarship support, many students including myself would not be able to attend college,” De Jesus said during her keynote speech. “I was beyond thankful to be selected to receive the Greater Waldorf Jaycees – CSM Foundation Scholarship because [it allowed me to] pursue my associate’s degree without having my parents work longer and harder than they already were.”

De Jesus said that in looking back, she remembers thinking to herself on graduation day that she lived her CSM career to the fullest.

“I don’t regret a moment of my time with my CSM family,” she shared. “I am thankful to the Greater Waldorf Jaycees for not only helping my family and me, but for opening so many doors for me throughout my college career.”

The 2018-2019 scholarship recipients are: Aija Johnson, of Waldorf; Christian Brady, of Waldorf; Danielle McCann, of Brandywine; Elaina Dixon, of La Plata; Hayley Tanner, of Indian Head; Jada Duckett, of Waldorf; Jhaqori Campbell, of Bryans Road; Kaitlyn Sloan, of Welcome; Katelyn Kluh, of La Plata; Kylie Wade, of La Plata; Matthew Gaines, of La Plata; of Matthew Gaines, of La Plata; Matthew Santos, of Waldorf; Micco Simms, of Bryans Road; Parshva Patel, of La Plata; Sufyan Ansari, of Waldorf; and Yanelle Montilla, of La Plata.

The renewed scholarship recipients are: Ankit Lohani, of Waldorf; Ashley Fenton, of Waldorf; Brittanie Durham, of Waldorf; Caitlin Addison, of Waldorf; Dawson Jewell, of Charlotte Hall; Jada Proctor, of Nanjemoy; Jean Luc Montilla, of La Plata; Jenna Purdy, of La Plata; Jordin Dixson, of Waldorf; Meeklyn Duhon, of Waldorf; Megan Caudle, of La Plata; Morgan Hanson, of Port Tobacco; Savannah Simmons, of La Plata; Seth Morrison, of La Plata; and Tristan Sarabia, of Waldorf.

renewed scholarship
Earning renewed scholarships are Caitlin Addison, Megan Caudle, Jordin Dixson, Meeklyn Duhon, Brittanie Durham, Ashley Fenton, Dawson Jewell, Ankit Lohani, Jean Luc Montilla, Seth Morrison, Tristan Sarabia, Savannah Simmons.
Jaycee Scholarship
New scholarship recipients are Sufyan Ansari, Christian Brady, Jhaqori Campbell, Elaina Dixon, Jada Duckett, Matthew Gaines, Aija Johnson, Katelyn Kluh, Danielle McCann, Yanelle Montilla, Parshva Patel, Matthew Santos, Micco Simms, Kaitlyn Sloan, Hayley Tanner, Kylie Wade.









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