Greater Waldorf Jaycees, CSM Foundation Award Scholarships to 26 Charles County Students

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Foundation and the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation joined to award scholarships to 26 Charles County students who attend CSM.

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Foundation and the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation recently joined to award 14 scholarships to Charles County students starting at CSM and renewed 12 scholarships for returning CSM students. Over the last 20 consecutive years, the foundations’ partnership has awarded 510 Charles County students more than $1.3 million to pursue higher education through a joint scholarship fund.

“This is my favorite time of year,” said CSM Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Eileen Abel during the spring award’s reception. “It’s a time of celebration, seeing our students achieve their dreams, and a time for new beginnings.

“Also, recently, the college shared some really exciting news that our college has been selected as one of 16 community colleges nationwide to participate in the Achieving the Dream program which intensely focuses on strengthening student success,” she added. “We are here tonight to celebrate your scholarships, but once that semester starts, we must also focus on helping you identify and remain on your path to achieve your dream … that is what’s important to all of us here tonight.”

Describing the CSM students as “future leaders, teachers, artists, engineers and musicians,” Abel went on to congratulate the recipients and their families.

“It is because of your hard work, the support of family, friends and your career counselors that you were able to succeed,” she shared. “You can now add CSM to your family of support. We care about you.” 

CSM Foundation Chair Nancy Hempstead also congratulated the scholarship recipients and commended the Great Waldorf Jaycees Foundation for its continued support.

“We are honored to partner with the Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation in working toward a common goal – to assist you in realizing your academic goals and we strongly believe that this investment in your education will benefit you, your family, and our community,” shared Hempstead.

Among those who congratulated the scholarship recipients was former recipient Dawson Jewell, of Charlotte Hall, who shared how scholarships have changed his life.

“As a Charles County resident attending the College of Southern Maryland, I am honored to be among the many scholarship recipients who are benefiting from the generosity of the Greater Waldorf Jaycees,” he said. “It is because of your generosity that students like myself are able to pursue our dreams for college and our careers.

“Receiving a scholarship makes a huge impact,” he added. “As a student, knowing that we can continue our education with this financial assistance relieves some of the pressure to pay for classes and books.”

Dawson Jewell

Jewell, who is a graduate of La Plata High School, is a student athlete at CSM as a member of the men’s lacrosse team and he is also recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Endowed Scholarship, the Mary I. Shasho Memorial Annual Scholarship, the Neale Chaney Slater Memorial Endowed Scholarship and the Salome A. Howard Bar Association, Inc. Scholarship.

“Another positive impact from receiving a scholarship is the amazing people we get to meet through these scholarships,” he continued. “It is very rewarding to be able to meet our scholarship donors and personally tell them, face-to-face, what their award means to us individually.”

Jewell, who is pursuing a career as a police officer, is currently a part-time cadet with the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. He will wrap up his criminal justice degree at CSM this fall. He also extended his appreciation to the Greater Waldorf Jaycees.

“The Greater Waldorf Jaycees has provided a strong foundation of service to humanity,” he told the audience. “As I have had the honor to learn more about the Jaycees through this scholarship I am amazed at all the community support and involvement of your members. Our community is richer because of the conscious decision over many years to support projects that impact so many of us throughout the community. I can’t thank you enough on behalf of all of the Charles County students you have supported over the years at the College of Southern Maryland.”

The 2019-2020 Waldorf Jaycees Foundation – CSM Foundation first-year scholarship recipients are Jorge Acevedo, Stephen Bleam, Quiona Byrd-Gaddy, Courtney Edelen, Taylor Gable, Alaina Galope, Cornelius Hightower, Meg Jacko, Kelsey Kluh, Jeana Papagno, Domonique Rinaldi, Ma’isah Sesay-Dixon, Logan Tayman and Melanie Watkins. The 2019-2020 renewed scholarship recipients are Christian Brady, Jhaqori Campbell, Elaina Dixon, Matthew Gaines, Aija Johnson Katlyn Kluh, Danielle McCann, Parshva Patel, Matthew Santos, Kaitlyn Sloan, Hayley Tanner and Kylie Wade.

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