Deadline April 12 for High School Seniors to Apply for Greater Waldorf Jaycees, CSM Foundation Scholarship

Students receiving scholarships for the 2011-12 academic year from funds provided by the Greater Waldorf Jaycees and the CSM Foundation and Jaycees representatives attending the scholarship reception included

            The CSM Foundation and Greater Waldorf Jaycees Foundation scholarships for Charles County high school seniors who demonstrate community involvement and plan to enroll at CSM for the fall 2012 semester are available through Charles County high school college and career advisors. Scholarships are renewable for a second year based on academic achievement and continued attendance at CSM. Students are to submit their completed applications and supporting documentation to their school’s college and career advisor for forwarding to the CSM Financial Assistance Department. The deadline to submit scholarship applications for consideration is April 12.

In the past 11 years, the Jaycees have funded nearly 200 scholarships through the CSM Foundation, and in this last year alone awarded scholarships to 30 incoming freshmen and 15 returning sophomores from Charles County.

            “We are pleased to work with the Jaycees and Charles County high schools to assist students in realizing their academic goals. This partnership with the Jaycees and the coordination with the high schools is a great example of how local organizations are impacting the county’s future leaders,” said CSM Development Director Martina Arnold, adding that such investments will benefit not only individual students but also their families and the entire Southern Maryland community through a more highly trained workforce.

Lorenzo High, a graduate of Lackey High School, and scholarship recipient, said that a college degree is important to him as he prepares for the future. “I plan to become successful by keeping a positive attitude which will help me confront challenges when I enter college.” High’s positive attitude, leadership qualities and competitive qualities are among the reasons that he was named “Most Improved Runner” and “Most Improved Player” on Lackey’s cross country team, said Lackey High School Counselor Edwin D. Hall who recommended High for the scholarship. 

Amber Moon, a 2011 graduate of McDonough High School, wrote that everyone has dreams, “Little kids dream of being pilots and firefighters. Teens dream of the day they get their license and can move out on their own. My dream has been to graduate high school with all honors and then to move on to college, achieving the same grades.” Moon is working toward an associate’s degree in nursing. Moon ranked in the top 12 percent of her senior class, according to McDonough High School Counselor Bethany Goodwin, who recommended Moon for the Jaycees scholarship. Goodwin said that in addition to academics, Moon was vice president of the school’s Best Buddies program mentoring underclassmen, she participated in science fairs and field hockey.

Jason Brown, a graduate of North Point High School, is majoring in criminal justice with the goal of earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at UMCP and following his father’s example to work as policeman for Prince George’s County. He eventually wants to work as an FBI investigator, he wrote in his essay. North Point High School Mathematics Teacher Jill Lown, who recommended Brown for the scholarship, said that Brown’s charitable nature extends beyond the classroom and into the community where he works with the Boy Scouts to improve and benefit the local area.

Ashley Chappell, a graduate of Thomas Stone High School, said that her dreams of becoming a veterinarian will begin at CSM. The affordability and location close to home will allow Chappell to attend school and work part time helping her save for the many years of college that it will take to be a veterinarian. “Even though I know that this plan will take a lot of time and a lot of hard work, I am extremely excited to get started toward my goal,” she wrote in her essay. Thomas Stone High School Mathematics Teacher Daniel A. Weiss recommended Chappell, saying that he was most impressed by Chappell’s determination. “Ashley is truly as good as they come. It is students like Ashley that made me want to become a teacher,” he said.

Debra Dewaters, a graduate of Westlake High School, said that attending CSM will help her explore her passions in the fields of accounting and engineering before transferring to a university. Westlake High School Athletic Trainer Matthew Hertz in his recommendation noted that Dewaters is hard-working and self-motivated, and balanced school work, athletic life on the softball team and volunteer life as a member of the Key Club very well.

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