CSMTV and Monster-Movie-Marathon, Oct. 26-31

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CSMTV: The Midnight Monster Hop. Sunday, Oct. 26 through Friday, Oct. 31 the College of Southern Maryland’s CSMTV cable Channel 98—broadcasting in Charles and St. Mary’s counties—will air monster movies hosted by Gravely and Grizelda MacCabre. Every night during the week of Halloween at the stroke of midnight the station will air a different monster movie with a Halloween Special on Halloween night. The first annual Monster-Movie-Marathon films include: “The Terror,” with Jack Nicholson, “Day of the Triffids,” with plants that take over the world, “Horror Express” with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, “Revolt of the Zombies,” “Dr. Blood’s Coffin,” “The Screaming Skull,” “Destroy all Planets” and “White Zombie,” with Bela Lugosi. Following Halloween week, the Midnight Monster Hop will resume its normal schedule Friday and Saturday nights at midnight. http://www.csmd.edu/csmtv.