CSM’s La Plata Aquatic Center To Be Closed Sunday, June 9

The College of Southern Maryland’s La Plata Campus Aquatic Center will be closed on Sunday, June 9.

The College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) La Plata Campus Aquatic Center will close Sunday, June 9, due to limited staffing. The one-day closure impacts the La Plata Aquatics Center only. The Leonardtown Campus Aquatic Center will remain open June 9 from 9 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The college is also actively recruiting an applicant pool for current and future temporary positions as lifeguards, pool operators and water safety instructors within its Wellness, Fitness and Aquatics Department.

“While CSM serves as Southern Maryland’s economic engine by training students to fill the jobs most in demand in our area, we are not immune to area staffing trends,” said Adult and Community Education Director Judi Ferrara. “Unfortunately, we join the tri-county public, private and neighborhood pool operators in our search to recruit, train and employ qualified lifeguards.”

From coast to coast, headlines tell the stories of state and local pool operators looking for certified lifeguards, including in Virginia, where the Reston Association (RA) had to keep 15 pools closed Memorial Day weekend, and the following weekend, due to lifeguard shortages.

“Like many community and recreational associations in our area, RA is trying to meet the challenge of hiring staff for various summertime positions,” Reston Association’s CEO Hank Lynch said in a statement released May 28.

Currently, Indeed.com lists nearly 400 open full and part lifeguard jobs within 50 miles of CSM’s La Plata Campus.

The aquatic programs at CSM’s campuses remain robust.

Meanwhile, the aquatic programs at both La Plata and Leonardtown Campuses remain robust and ready for new students.

“CSM’s aquatic courses, including adult aquatic, certification courses and competitive swim are already ready to take more students,” confirmed Ferrara. “We encourage learners of all ages to check out our course offerings and see all that CSM has to offer from swim clinics, aqua Zumba and sports conditioning, to lifeguard training and basic scuba diving.”

Those interested in working as a life guard at the indoor aquatic centers at CSM’s La Plata or Leonardtown campuses are encouraged to visit the CSM employment website at https://csmd.silkroad.com/epostings/. CSM is also recruiting to grow its pool of applicants for instructors to teach. Day, evening and weekend positions may be available.

CSM is on the cutting edge, offering great benefits, beautiful campuses and a challenging environment. CSM has been the recipient of the Alliance for Workplace Excellence Seal of Approval every year since 2002, among other awards, most recently including the 2018 Health and Wellness Seal of Approval and 2018 Diversity Champion Award.

For a complete listing of continuing education courses now available to help you stay in shape at CSM, including schedules for upcoming aquatics and fitness classes, visit https://www.csmd.edu/programs-courses/non-credit/schedules/.

For information on fitness and aquatics centers hours of operation at all of CSM’s campuses, visit bit.ly/2HYSd2E.