CSM Sets Tuition for Fall 2012

Tuition at the College of Southern Maryland will increase effective for the fall 2012 semester, with residents of Calvert, Charles and St. Mary’s counties to pay an additional $4 per credit. Tuition for Maryland residents outside of the tri-county region will increase by $7 per credit and for out-of-state residents by $9 per credit. The comprehensive fee remains at 23 percent of tuition.

CSM’s budget is supported by funding from the state, the three counties of Southern Maryland, and tuition and fees. The Fiscal Year 2013 (FY13) budget of $59,195,108 reflects an overall increase of 4 percent over the previous year and is based on anticipated funding to be provided at the state and county levels. Tuition and fees constitute 51 percent of the revenue, with state funding anticipated at 19 percent of the college’s budget and county appropriations at 29 percent overall.

”Raising tuition is our last resort,” said CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried. “Although we have received increases in state and local funding and have trimmed costs, we are asking the students to increase the investment in their education. Most of the increases will be used to ensure that we are offering the best educational services possible to our growing student population.”

In presenting the recommended budget to the CSM Board of Trustees, CSM Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services Tony Jernigan advised the college’s FY13 operating budget supports anticipated credit enrollment increase of 4.7 percent, an increase in fixed expenses as well as continues to fund the college’s contribution for Other Post-Employment Benefits (OPEB).

Included in the college’s budget are funds to support new facilities needed because of continued growth in enrollments. The budget also supports conversions of existing positions within nursing that have been funded previously by grants as well as for the additional positions that will support veterans, enhance student success through additional academic advising, meet state motor vehicle regulatory reporting requirements, protect students and staff with additional public safety personnel, support technology requirements in the classroom and offices, and care for the mechanical systems of the college’s growing physical plant.

Additionally the board of trustees authorized up to a 2 percent market adjustment of salary scales for all fully benefited faculty and staff members, effective in January at the president’s discretion contingent upon sufficiently realizing budgeted revenues.

 “With our annual cost of full-time tuition and fees averaging $3,600, students can attend CSM, earn a degree and realize thousands in savings (on average $28,000 over two years) when they transfer to complete their baccalaureate degrees,” Gottfried said. “And, with our articulations in place at many of the state’s universities and colleges our transfer students can stay on track to complete their bachelor’s degree and doing so at a much more manageable cost by having started their higher education careers at CSM

CSM’s tuition and fees may be paid over a four-month period through CSM’s Tuition Payment Plan which is available to students enrolled with six or more credits. Since the plan is not a loan program, there is no debt, no credit search and no interest or finance charge assessed on the unpaid balance. The cost is a $50 per semester non-refundable enrollment fee.

The college also offers an online program that helps students to easily identify and apply for potential scholarships. The CSM Scholarship Finder is a quick, easy and free service that helps Southern Maryland students match their backgrounds and financial needs to dozens of local scholarships in a wide variety of academic programs.

For information on the payment plan, contact the Bursar’s Office at 301-934-7712 or 301-870-2309, 240-725-5499 or 443-550-6199, ext. 7712 or visit http://www.csmd.edu/Bursar/Tuition/paymentplan.htm. To use CSM’s Scholarship Finder visit http://www.csmd.edu/Financial/. For information on scholarships and financial aid assistance at CSM, call 301-934-7531 or 301-870-2309, 240-725-5499 or 443-550-6199, Ext. 7531.