CSM Philosophy Professor Offers Starting Point to Begin Discussion of Basic Rights

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College of Southern Maryland Professor Dr. Richard Bilsker will kick off discussions on rights and responsibilities, May 17 as part of the Civil Discourse Committee conversations sponsored by the Calvert Library.

For May’s conversation, Bilsker, professor of philosophy and the social sciences, will offer a glossary of terms and summary of major philosophical theories of what is classified as basic rights and responsibilities. This will then provide a common ground from which the conversation among the audience can begin. Participants will explore their understanding of rights, liberties and responsibilities, and what is considered a “basic human right.”

 The program is the next conversation planned by the Civil Discourse Committee which is comprised of such partners as the Community Mediation Center, All Saints Episcopal Church, Trinity United Methodist Church, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Southern Maryland, and other active engaged citizens.

The committee has been planning and moderating a series of conversations over the last several years on a host of controversial topics, often of particular local interest. The series’ mission is to encourage folks with conflicting viewpoints founded on diverse experiences to talk together with the goal of understanding one another better and thereby build a stronger community. 

Calvert Library Prince Frederick invites thoughtful, interested participants to the Rights and Responsibilities discussion, beginning at 7 p.m., May 17. The library is located at 850 Costley Way. For information on this discussion, call Robyn Truslow, 410-535-0291.