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CSM Announces 2015-16 Student Association Officers and Representatives

College of Southern Maryland students on each campus are represented by students holding positions in the college-wide Student Government Association and campus Student Associations.


This academic year, students on the La Plata Campus are represented by Alesia Turner of Waldorf as president, Kenneth Grazier of Waldorf as vice president, Yadira Coleman of Bryans Road as treasurer, Sarah Bennett of Waldorf as secretary, and representatives Lacy Johnson of Waldorf, Selene LaMarca of Bryans Road, Maria Estevez of La Plata and Krista Steele of Waldorf.


Students on the Leonardtown Campus are represented by Kyle Medlock of Lexington Park as president, Nicholas Combs of Leonardtown as vice president, Katie Pasker of Hollywood as secretary, Sabrina Scott of California as treasurer and Michaela Wallace of Lexington Park as representative.


Students on the Prince Frederick Campus are represented by Heather Murphy of Prince Frederick as president, Charlie Chappell of Solomons as vice president, Ralph Fields of Prince Frederick as treasurer, Danielle Scott of Lusby as secretary, and Erika Alleyne of Port Republic and Riordan Berti of Lusby as representatives.


The college is represented by Murphy as SGA president, Turner as SGA vice president and Medlock as SGA secretary-treasurer, For information on CSM clubs and societies, visit http://www.csmd.edu/StudentLife/StudentGovernment/index.html.



Grant Writing Professionals Guide Community in Annual Workshop at CSM

Debra Posey, grant analyst for Charles County Government, presented “Don't Fudge it, Budget” at the 10th Annual Free Grant Training Seminar at the College of Southern Maryland. The seminar, Aug. 28 at the La Plata Campus, was sponsored by Charles County Government, Maryland Governor's Grants Office, Charles County Public Schools, Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Library and the Nonprofit Institute at the College of Southern Maryland. “In a 10-year period, more than 800 participants have received training on various grant related topics. Many of those attending are directly connected to nonprofits, education, and county or state government,” said CSM Senior Grants Development Specialist Becky Cockerham. For information on free and low-cost continuing education opportunities for CEU credit through the Nonprofit Institute, visit http://www.csmd.edu/NonProfitInstitute/events.html.



CSM Theater Student Appears in 'Nightmare Next Door'

CSM theater major Christopher Fleming of Hughesville made his television debut Sept. 10 on the Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel's “Nightmare Next Door” series episode, “Bewitching Hour.” Each week the series recreates stories of real-life crimes that took place in tight-knit American small towns, “where these mysterious murders turned a supportive community into a group of scared and untrusting strangers,” according to the show's website. Fleming played a major role as Eric Keystone, the boyfriend of a teenage girl who went missing in 1994. “I learned many things about performing and acting within CSM theater, but one thing not only applies to acting and performing but to life in general would be a quote from [CSM Associate Professor Keith Hight], 'Never say you can't do something-the moment you say you can't is the moment you limit yourself,'” said Fleming. He plans to pursue film and television while continuing to hone his skills in theater. Fleming is among the cast for CSM Cause Theater's “Bright Blue Mailbox Suicide Note,” opening Oct. 2. For information on CSM's theater program, visit http://catalog.csmd.edu/preview_program.php?catoid=8&poid=1843&returnto=1080. For schedule of performances, visit http://www.csmd.edu/Arts/. To view information on the ID Channel episode, visit http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4859796/.



CSM Public Safety Officers Train in Use of Evacuation Chairs

College of Southern Maryland Administrative Assistant for Educational Talent Search Jennell Short tests out an evacuation chair, one of six purchased for the La Plata, Leonardtown and Prince Frederick campuses, to use in a power outage or other emergency. “I feel a lot safer and the transition is easier [using the chair],” said Short, who added that she would need assistance and need help moving her walker down the stairs if she was unable to use the elevator. “We have already begun training emergency action coordinators and Public Safety officers at each campus on how to use the chairs. While our evacuation procedures call for moving persons with special needs to a stairwell evacuation points we wanted to have the ability to evacuate someone if we had to in an extreme emergency,” said Public Safety Executive Director Don Frick, adding, “The specialized chairs make it easy for even a very small person to move someone much larger than themselves.”