CSM Leonardtown Campus Resumes Activities; No Threat to Campus

At 1 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 10, the College of Southern Maryland was advised by the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office that during their attempt to serve a non-violent felony warrant on an individual, witness reports indicated that the individual was in the area of the Leonardtown Campus.

CSM’s public safety department immediately issued a lockdown for the Leonardtown Campus’ Building B based on a witness report that the individual had entered that building. This was followed by a lockdown of all four buildings on the campus while law enforcement checked the buildings and reviewed security video.

On campus in addition to the St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office were Maryland State Troopers and CSM Public Safety.

The St. Mary’s Sheriff’s Office advised that the search was for an individual with a non-violent felony warrant from another jurisdiction. This individual was observed in the area of Leonardtown; the wanted person fled on foot towards the College of Southern Maryland. Officers were on the scene checking the campus and the area. No threats were made to the campus or surrounding schools.

The police concluded their search shortly after 1:30 p.m. Upon law enforcement review of security video, police determined that the individual had not been on campus as witnesses had reported.

There is no threat to campus safety, and students, staff and faculty were advised they could resume normal activity.