CSM Honors Scholarship Recipients, Donors at Reception

CSM scholarship reception
Marianne Harms stands with the first-ever recipients of the John and Mary Anne Harms Endowed Scholarship, Stephen Ngalim, Karin Gray, Allison Mattera, Morgan Lkine and Alexys Adams.

‘There are so many hopes and dreams in this room. It’s just magical’

Scholarship reception
CSM President Dr. Maureen Murphy, center, visits with two recipients of the Academic Excellence Scholarship, Colleen Runowich and Troy Robinson.

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) celebrated scholarship donors and recipients at the 2017 CSM Foundation Scholarship Reception on Oct. 27 at the Physical Education Center on the La Plata Campus. For the 2017-18 academic year, the foundation awarded more than $400,000 to nearly 300 students. Additional scholarships will be awarded in January 2018 for the spring semester.

“Your investment is impacting so many tomorrows,” said CSM Foundation Chair Nancy Hempstead in her remarks. Hempstead established the Hempstead Family Scholarship this year, with the first two recipients meeting Hempstead at the event.

First-year student Allison Mattera, 18, of Huntingtown was awarded four scholarships and spoke at the event. Mattera is the older of two children in her family and a first-generation college student. To pay for college as she pursues her dream of becoming a criminal investigator, Mattera juggles her college classes and two part-time jobs, along with running cross country on CSM’s team.

CSM scholarship reception
Marianne Harms stands with the first-ever recipients of the John and Mary Anne Harms Endowed Scholarship, Stephen Ngalim, Karin Gray, Allison Mattera, Morgan Lkine and Alexys Adams.

“Standing here on behalf of my fellow scholarship recipients is such an honor to let you know just how deeply grateful we are, for not only your confidence in us but also for your financial support and encouragement,” Mattera said. “I know that for me personally, being honored with support through the Prince Frederick Campus Student Association, Florence B. Trueman, the Hempstead Family and John and Mary Anne Harms scholarships means the difference between me going to college or not, and I can chase my career dreams knowing that there are people beyond my parents, family and friends who have placed their trust and belief in me and my abilities to achieve my goals.”

The reception gave scholarship recipients the opportunity to meet and thank their scholarship’s donors. It was also a chance for both donors and recipients to share stories — sometimes very personal stories.

At the reception, scholarship donors were seated with their recipients, and they had the chance to explain why they established their funds at CSM. In some cases, a family member, friend or colleague was so special that they wanted to create a memorial scholarship in their name. Some talked about how their own struggles to pay for college made them want to help others. Others talked about why they just believed in supporting higher education.

“He was the ultimate in believing in education. He worked his way through school,” said Marianne Harms of Huntingtown about her late husband, businessman John Harms, for whom she established the John and Mary Anne Harms Endowed Scholarship. Five students were awarded this year — the first-ever recipients of this newly established fund.

“It’s fun to just talk to people about their dreams,” Harms said as she looked around her table filled with the recipients of this scholarship. “I love seeing the possibilities. There are so many hopes and dreams in this room. It’s just magical.”

A few tables away, Dr. Kathleen Walsh of Red Lion, Pennsylvania, was telling the story about why her father inspired her to start a scholarship in his memory, the Charles K. Walsh Memorial Scholarship. “I know he [gave his all] working for the family,” Walsh said. “It feels really important to us to pay it forward.” Walsh’s 50-year career in math and chemistry education included years teaching at both private and public schools in the region, more than 20 years with St. Mary’s County Public Schools (including service as supervisor of mathematics) and as an adjunct and then associate professor at CSM.

Charles K. Walsh Memorial Scholarship recipient Ja’nae Savoy, 25, of Waldorf listened as Walsh and her husband talked about the effort they put into selecting the best candidates for their scholarship. “I am excited, especially to know that they read the applications,” Savoy said. “It means more.”

Savoy said that the scholarship helps her pursue her goal of a career in information technology. “This is my dream; just to graduate,” she said. “No one in my family has done it.”

A recipient of the Peter Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship for the second consecutive year, Elena Wilcox, 25, of La Plata sat with Laurie and Raymond Cangelosi who established the scholarship in memory of their son. “They’re great, and I’m so grateful,” Wilcox said of the Cangelosis with a wide smile.

Raymond Cangelosi described how the family, including their three surviving children, decide together on the scholarship recipients. “We spend a couple of weeks as a whole family,” he said, adding that they try to think about how Peter would have answered.

That interest the family invests in the decision impacted Wilcox, who said she hadn’t realized how personal the selection was.

Rianna Neiser, 18, of Mechanicsville received one of the St. Mary’s County Government Annual Scholarships. Neiser said that she has to pay for college herself as she studies dental hygiene at CSM. “It helps hold down the debt,” Neiser said of the financial assistance.

CSM donor reception
David Williams, seated, a member of the Adjunct Faculty Scholarship Committee, visits with one of the scholarship’s recipients, Sashin Beharie.

Sashin Baharie, 16, of Waldorf was honored as the recipient of three scholarships at the reception, the Adjunct Faculty Endowed Scholarship, CSM Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Dr. Elvear B. Johnson Scholarship. Baharie graduated early from St. Charles High School in June 2017. He is studying biology at CSM and hopes to continue his education through medical school. Sitting with his mother at the reception, he explained that he is paying for college by himself. A part-time job at a library and the scholarships all help financially, but he also sees them as a vote of confidence.

“It makes me realize I can succeed in college,” Baharie said. “It helped pay for a lot of the tuition as well.”

He added that he appreciated the chance to meet the scholarship donors. “It’s really nice to put a face to the name,” he said. “To be able to personally thank them … It’s really good.”

For information on donating to a scholarship at CSM, visit https://foundation.csmd.edu/. For information on applying for scholarships at CSM, visit https://www.csmd.edu/costs-aid/credit-costs-aid/scholarships-financial-aid/scholarships/scholarship-finder/.


Scholarships awarded for the 2017-2018 academic year include:


Adjunct Faculty Annual Scholarship

Derrick Jackson


Adjunct Faculty Endowed Scholarship

Lenita Balsbough, Sashin Beharie


Advanced Vision Systems, Inc. (AVSI) Scholarship

Catherine Co, Enitan Kalejaiye, Christopher Simmons


Albert L. Elder, Jr. Family Memorial Scholarship

Ashleigh Byers


Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship

Michelle Haines


Bernice Gottfried Memorial Art Scholarship

Tessa Pilkerton


Besche Family Scholars and Mentoring Program Annual Scholarship

Megan Bibbins


Brad and Linda Gottfried “Against All Odds” Annual Scholarship

Adrienne Brown


Bradley and Linda Gottfried Endowed Scholarship

Darleen Allen


Brock Nikolas Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship

Jessica Bly


Bryce T. Sanders Memorial Scholarship

Megan Bibbins


  1. Emmitt Woodey Theatre Scholarship in Memory of Kitty Samson and Mark DeOca

Roger Fahr, Jr.


Calvert Chamber of Commerce Endowed Scholarship

Heather Bowen, Julia Gallodoro


Calvert Resources Scholarship

Tanesha Parran, Chris Van Deventer


Captain Billy Robertson Endowed Scholarship

Kiera Ransome


Carolyn and Susan Holt Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Catherine Smith


Castles and Foundations Scholarship

Cindy Collins, Miranda Reyna


Chaney Endowed Scholarship for Sustainable Land Use

James Adkins, Nicholas Embrey, Matthew Eppley, Racheal Hostetter, Carlton Wicker


Charles “Dick” Bailey Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Rachel Turner


Charles County Chamber of Commerce Golf Scholarship

Trevor Thorne


Charles County Nursing and Allied Health Programs Scholarship

Amanda Catterton, Jay-Cheree Edwards, Jerry Hollebon, Taylor Namm, Melodie Robles,


Charles County Woman’s Club Scholarship

Angelique Hammond


Charles K. Walsh Memorial Scholarship

Oluwaseyi Kintunde, Ja’nae Savoy


Charles Robert Posten Memorial Scholarship

Gayloy Kennedy-Martin, Shannan Yorkshire


Chiaramonte Hope Scholarship

Aniyah Gabriel, Jerry Hollebon, Victoria Richards, Melinda Smith, Katie Woomer


Christopher Chinault Scholarship

Lenita Balsbough, Jamyra Grymes, Jacquelyn Guadalajara, Miranda Martin, Miranda Reyna


Col. Mary R. Boyd Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Brandi Quick


Community Bank of the Chesapeake Annual Scholarship

Alyssa Dyson, Angelique Hammond, Bryana Nelson, Michelle Reloba


Concerned Black Woman of Calvert County – Women in Transition Scholarship

Nakida Claggett


Connie Kite Memorial CSM Nursing Scholarship

Barbara Sheldon, Brian Whitworth


Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Ruth Mathes Scholarship

Aimee Beardmore


Cox Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Raymond Swenton, Jr.


CSM Academic Excellence Scholarship

Caitlin Addison, Sashin Beharie, Danielle Boling, Kevin Fersch, Carolyn Gillespie, Tara Jagen, Justin Jett, Elizabeth Kennedy, Brianna Puffenbarger, Liam Rama, Troy Robinson, Angela Santos, Colleen Runowich, Julia Webster


CSM Alumni Association Scholarship

Marjorie Hill


CSM Leonardtown Student Association New Student Welcome Endowed Scholarship

Joshua Riggs


CSM Presidential Scholars Program

Alexys Adams, Patrick Brogan, Amanda Colee, Erin Colee, Alisa Elsner, Alyssa Gray, Haley Harford, Derrick Jackson, Walter Joy, Oluwaseyi Kintunde, Cassady Koch, Alexis Lauer, Jessica Loveless, Emily Marshall, Rachael Mehls, Mary Moore, David Nehf, Jamie Ourland, Lilia Petropool, Michaela Smith, Janelle Stack, Cassidy Turner, Michael Waby, Kaitlyn Welsh


CSM Prince Frederick Campus Student Association Scholarship

Allison Mattera


CSM Student Government Association “Students Helping Students” Scholarship

Six anonymous students


David Michael Krankowski Memorial Scholarship

Walter Joy


Dennis Lake Smith Memorial Art Scholarship

Ryan Kellner, Cheyenne Roach, Michael Waby


Diane Kaufman Fredette Memorial Scholarship

Angelica Paula Romero


Dr. Elvear B. Johnson Scholarship

Shashin Beharie


Dr. Nallan Ramakrishna Scholarship

Kathryn Humphreys, Zachary Kearns, Martin Smith


Ed Matthews, Jr. Scholarship

Asia Rodgers


Educational Systems Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Erin Brown, Dominique Collins-Johnson, Victoria Richards


Ethelmae M. Lilly Nursing Memorial Scholarship

Harmony Carter


Fanny Louise Sullivan Sine Henderson Scholarship

Kelley Ingram


Florence B. Trueman Scholarship

Lauren Belskie, Jessica Bly, Shannon Cherrico, Alyssa Clendenen, Amanda Colee, Erin Colee, Charles Commodore, Shannon Gray, Ariel Kilbourne, Oluwaseyi Kintunde, Rachel Lewis, Alondra Lopez-Perez, Allison Mattera, Mary Moore, Tanesha Parren, Tristan Serrao, Sarah Shurtleff, Michaela Smith, Madison Thorne, Chris Van Deventer


Grainger Family Endowed Scholarship

Eric Mendoza


Grimm and Parker Student Success Endowed Scholarship

Carolyn Sherwood


Helen and Henry Lawlor Scholarship

Amanda Catterton, Natalie Guess


Helen and Mickey Todd Scholarship

Shelby Bean, Brandy Hicklin, Jessica Jackson, Dominique Jenkins, Anna Kendall, Tyler Morris, Kiera Ransome, Tristan Sarabia, Kathryn Vezzosi


Hempstead Family Scholarship

Allison Mattera, Ashley Stinnett


International Systems Safety Society, Washington D.C. Chapter (ISSSWDC) Scholarship

Christopher Simmons


  1. Ivey Cline Scholarship

Crystal Fox


Jack Love Sprague Scholarship

Lauren Barrett


James C. Mitchell Nursing Scholarship

Emily Ditoto, Brandi Quick, Lindsay Thompson, Elena Wilcox


Jane Hale Sypher Scholarship

Jacqueline Davis, Shekera Grayson


Jaye S. Ives Freedom Scholarship

Jeffery Knipe, Scott Teed


Jerome A. Zanelotti, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Jaia Parker


Joanne Zwick Nursing Scholarship

Shayla Hemingway


John and Mary Anne Harms Endowed Scholarship

Karin Gray, Morgan Kline, Allison Mattera, Stephen Ngalim, Alexis Sullivan,


Joseph F. Rice and Mae Irene Fauth Memorial Scholarship

Alexander Depiazza, Whitney Greenfield, Gabrielle Halpern, Alexis Sullivan


L.K. Farrall III Memorial Scholarship

Kalia Rogers


La Plata Rotary Club Trades and Energy Scholarship

Mohamed Sesay


La Plata Student Association Kickoff Scholarship

Dawson Jewell


LaVerda Francis and Richard Blair Scholarship

Alesha Barreca, Kiana Bopp, Taylor Hagen, Remy Jones, Alexis Lauer, Lindsay McKenzie, Luciana Naegele, Katy Rhodes, Barbara Sheldon, Margaret Williams


Louis P. Jenkins, Sr. Endowed Scholarship

Jessica Blair, Anthony Cole, Doris Sullivan


Lucy Detig Student Success Endowed Scholarship

Tatianna Grantham


Marrick Homes CSM Foundation Golf Classic Scholarship

Maxim Bode, Kiana Bopp, Savanna Pavkov, Derek Taitano


Marrick Properties, Inc. Endowed Scholarship

Karin Bunting, Joseph Gaetano, Micah Hill, and, Joseph Webb,


Mary I. Shasho Memorial Annual Scholarship

Hazel Ptack, Julie Yerdon


Maurice J. McDonough Endowed Scholarship

Latashia Baker, Lesbia Calderon-Moroy, Bre-Enna Davis, Taylor Deese, Ahmad Njoya, Kimberly Pilkerton, Diana Proctor, Kelsey Sweeney, Yesenia Telleria, Emonni Tibbs


Maurice J. McDonough Foundation Annual Scholarship

Deanna Charron, Ciara Dekle, Everard Jegels, Jr., Liam Kerth, Vernicia Morgan, Seth Morrison, Amber Nelson, Sillon Paton, William Slagle, Amanda Wright


McWilliams Family Endowed Scholarship

Anna Kendall, Savannah Sloop-Stone


Michael and Sara Middleton CSM-UMSON Nursing Scholarship

Lisa Dzialoski, Alsasha Halt, Kaitlyn Hilgenberg, Lindsay McKenzie, Betty Porter


National Society of the Colonial Dames of America

Chloe Dickson


Neale Chaney Slater Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dawson Jewell, Julie Yerdon


Nu Zeta Omega Scholarship of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Kathleen Burch, Ashley Stinnett


Nyce Annual Scholarship

Jay-Cheree Edwards, Patrick Fitzwater, Remy Jones


Old Line Bank Business Program Annual Scholarship

Tiffany Dent, Ashley Hall, Karleigh Hall, Jacob Lillard, Melanie Norris, Cloressa Orr, Austin Plitt, Bailey Scott, Amanda Wright


Oreta Stinson Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Nicholas Talbott


Our Earth Endowed Scholarship

Krista Ayers


Patty Schwier and Norma LeFleur Scholarship

Megan Bibbins, Keri Lane


Paul V. Facchina, Jr. Scholarship

Racheal Hostetter


Peter Cangelosi Memorial Scholarship

Amanda Colee, Elena Wilcox


Professor Debra L. Wyvill Teacher Education Scholarship

Ashley Linney


Renee Munday Math Endowed Scholarship

Donovan Jones-Taylor


Roberta Kieliger Sisters at Heart Scholarship

Brooke Graham, Jessica Hernandez


Russell Gordon Croft Endowed Scholarship

Nicole Huber, Jada Proctor, Brianna Puffenbarger, Kiera Ransome, Kelsey Sweeney, Trevor Thorne, O’Tionne Willis


Salome A. Howard Bar Association, Inc. Scholarship

Branden Herscher, Dawson Jewell


Shani-Jinaki Whipple Endowed Scholarship for the Physically Challenged  

Amber Nelson


Sidney John Francis Waugh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Kylie Muldoon


SMECO Future Engineers Endowed Scholarship

Matthew Eppley


SMECO Pre-Apprenticeship Program Scholarship

Allen Salley


Solomons Business Association Scholarship

Tanesha Parran


Southern Maryland Nursing and Health Alliance Scholarship

Jade Boyer, Emily Ditoto, Jamyra Grymes, Kimberly Pilkerton, Rachel Turner, Elena Wilcox


Southern Maryland Women’s League Scholarship

Raymond Swenton, Jr., Tyara Thomas, Carletta Washington


St. Mary’s County Government Annual Scholarship

Stacy Beach, Rebecca Burr, Harmony Carter, Sydney Davis, Annie Dexter, Brooke Graham, Jamyra Grymes, Jacquelyn Guadalajara, Jessica Hernandez, Simran Kaur, Vivian Lee, Laura Llana, Tammy Miguel, Rianna Neiser, Sara Norris, Jacob Parsons, Betty Porter, Savannah Sloop-Stone, Brittany Vallandingham, Gina Zanelotti


St. Mary’s County Government Endowed Scholarship

Nyla Cole, Dillon Mandley, Catherine Smith, Daneisha Thomas


Susan N. Behmke Legacy Scholarship

Ian Tyler


Thomas F. Goldsmith, III Scholarship

Lindsey Bowersox, Ashleigh Byers, Alea De Belen, Amber Fiorilla, Tyler Lee, Kimberly Pilketon


Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Scholarship

Taylor Deese, Alexander Depiazza, Gabrielle Halpern, Jaia Parker


Tri-County 40 et 8 Nursing Scholarship

Rebecca Burr


Veterans Educational Endowed Scholarship

Gina Pomrenke, Moisette Sweat, Scott Teed, Stephen Vallandingham


Virginia B. Darrow Memorial CSM Nursing Scholarship

Remy Jones


Walter B. Grove II Memorial Scholarship

Aria Alston, Krista Ayers, Charles Furby, Lucas Snyder


WFA Cancer Survivors and Friends Scholarship

Gloria Campbell, Victoria Gray


Wigberto “Willie” Martinez, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Fersch


William D. “Bill” Lyon Memorial Scholarship

Colleen Morrill


William D. Bauer Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Fersch