CSM Employees Recognized for Excellence

The College of Southern Maryland recognized 16 employees who have made significant contributions to the college’s success during the past six months at a reception at the La Plata Campus Oct. 27. Employees were recognized for their actions and accomplishments in response to the college’s seven principles of diversity, excellence, innovation, integrity, knowledge, respect and teamwork.

The college’s Employee Recognition and Awards Program gives staff and faculty the opportunity to recognize their co-workers’ excellence in the following categories: Extra Mile, Innovator, Customer Service, Professional Goal Attainment and the President’s Award. The awards are open to individuals, groups and teams.

            The Extra Mile Award recognizes employees who have made significant contributions over an extended period of time. An award was presented to Telcom/Datacom Systems Administrator David Ware for his collaboration with the Public Safety and Preparedness Department and local contractors in developing and installing a security surveillance camera system throughout all CSM campuses. The system will provide cameras within all campus buildings, at all campus entrances, as well as throughout the parking lots and roads on campus. The implementation of the new camera system will improve the college’s ability to respond to incidents that occur on campus grounds.

The Innovator Award recognizes efficiencies that save the college substantial money or work, improve student educational experiences or lead the college in a new direction. The award was given to Library Circulation Manager Anita Warnes for developing an interactive training course to inform newly hired student assistants and staff members of specific library operations and customer service procedures. Warnes integrated former manual training methods into interactive online Blackboard courses. The new form of training has proved to be successful in preparing student assistants and staff members of the library standards and expectations.

            The Customer Service Award recognizes employees who have provided quality service and have ensured customer satisfaction. Information Technology (IT) Specialist for Leonardtown Andrew Smith earned the award for assuming the leadership role for all information technology (IT) services and functions at the Leonardtown Campus. His leadership was on display as he ensured students and staff were aware of the tornado warning issued for Leonardtown during the “Kick Off to College” event held on campus.

            The President’s Award is given to employees responsible for a project or a major accomplishment that supports the college’s strategic plan or promotes the college’s initiatives and goals. A team award was given to Healthcare Course Manager Christine Borkoski, Lead Administrative Assistant for Allied Health & Nursing Sarah Butler, and Cindy Summers, Emily Wheatley and Gail Wilcox, adjunct faculty, for working closely with a Maryland Board of Nursing consultant to raise the Geriatric Nursing Assistant (GNA) skills and written test scores to the highest in the state for the period of April-August 2011. The team created a standardized curriculum, supplied instructional labs and test sites with needed educational materials, and streamlined required paperwork for the clinical portion of the program. These enhancements enable students to take their GNA license test two weeks after classes have concluded rather than the standard two- to three-month waiting period. This has helped students receive their GNA license and begin work without delay.

            The Professional Goal Attainment Award recognizes employees who have achieved a job-related educational or professional goal. Recognized were Lynn Bryant, adjunct faculty, for earning a master’s degree in teaching from Liberty University, Prince Frederick Campus Student Services Support Manager Amee Patel for earning a master’s degree in museum studies from Johns Hopkins University, Business and Information Technology Course Coordinator Larisa Pfeiffer and Continuing Education Program Developer Joyce Embrey for each earning a Certified Program Planner designation from the Learning Resources Network (LERN), Personal Enrichment Administrative Assistant Pamela Starkey for earning a bachelor’s degree in management studies from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), Leonardtown Campus Executive Assistant Toni Kruszka for earning an associate’s degree in general studies from CSM, Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator Laura Tolarski for earning a master’s degree in environmental management from UMUC, and Assistant Director, Employment and Employee Relations Tonia Miles-Carvana for earning a master’s degree in human resources management from UMUC.

            CSM is widely recognized as being among of the best places to work in the Washington, D.C. area. A multi-year recipient of the Alliance for Workplace Excellence (AWE) and Health & Wellness Trailblazer Awards, CSM is one of 67 organizations to win the Workplace Excellence Award and one of 38 organizations who received the Health and Wellness Award in 2011.