CSM Awards Tenure to Eight Faculty Members

Earning tenure at CSM from left in the top row are Shaneeza Kazim, Joshua Grosek, Katrina Robertson and Sarah Hand. In the bottom row from left are Lisa Gonzalez, John Kulikowski, Bishnu Ghimire and Rachel Heinhorst.

The College of Southern Maryland’s (CSM) Board of Trustees awarded eight full-time faculty members tenure at its May 14 meeting.

The following CSM faculty have met or exceeded the standard set forth in the tenure review policy as established jointly by college administrators and Faculty Senate:

Bishnu Ghimire

“Bishnu Ghimire’s tenure statement, letters of support, and follow-up interview showcased his tireless work with colleagues to enhance and improve his teaching, as well as his commitment to ongoing training through professional development,” said Dr. Eileen Abel, CSM Vice President of Academic Affairs. Ghimire, an associate professor in the English, Communication and Languages Division, stands out for his leadership efforts in promoting diversity both through his work on the Global Initiative and Diversity in Education Committees and his community outreach through the America Nepal Society and the Baltimore Association of Nepalese in America.

Lisa Gonzalez

Like Ghimire, Associate Professor Lisa Gonzalez’s tenure statement and follow-up interview, as well as her letters of support illustrated her passion and commitment to student success.

“She has designed and implemented an innovative clinical education curriculum that prioritizes teaching complex thinking skills so students become ‘safe nurses’ equipped with clinical reasoning abilities and judgment,” explained Abel. Gonzalez’s work to improve nursing education by creating collaborative partnerships is recognized nationally.

Joshua Grosek

Math Associate Professor Josh Grosek presented his passionate and heartfelt commitment as a mathematics educator in both his application and interview for tenure.

“His focus is on improving his teaching to best reflect course objectives and achieve student learning,” Abel said. “Along with other math faculty, Josh developed the Math Boot Camp program which has resulted in greater student retention and successful completion of math coursework.”

Sarah Hand

Associate Professor of Math Sarah Hand is committed to CSM’s goal of improving student progress and completion. This was showcased through her work in creating, teaching, and revising developmental math courses and non-STEM math pathways.

She serves as the STEM Developmental Math Coordinator and advisor for the Math Team and student Math Club. She was also recently recognized nationally by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) with the Dale P. Parnell Distinguished Faculty award – a faculty distinction for her efforts in going beyond what is required to ensure student success.

Rachel Heinhorst

Associate Professor Rachel Heinhorst is a proud former CSM student turned CSM faculty. She underscored in both her application and tenure interview the importance of caring for all students, no matter their background, ethnicity, personal or cultural background.

“Her letters of support also solidified her commitment to learning and advancing knowledge beyond the classroom, such as serving as the Articulation/Dual-Enrollment Coordinator of English for Calvert County or working with the Connections Reading Series,” Abel said.

Shaneeza Kazim

Associate Professor and Early Childhood Development Program Coordinator Shaneeza Kazim’s dedication to student success was clearly evident in her efforts to develop the First Year Seminar course, faculty advising, and in her ongoing role as program coordinator for early childhood development.

Kazim serves in a leadership role in the Diversity Institute and has been supportive to CSM in her outreach efforts through her participation with CSM Open Houses, Try College for a Day, and Destination College. She is active in her professional and local communities and serves on various state, local and CSM Advisory Councils.

John Kulikowski

Associate Professor John Kulikowski’s strong commitment to his colleagues and his own professional development were strongly evident in the positive impact he has made within the promotion/tenure and faculty development committees.

Within his own discipline, he has spearheaded the Writing Across the Curriculum Committee and has served as a fiction editor for CSM’s literary journal, Connections.

Katrina Robertson

Associate Professor of Public Services Katrina Robertson’s teaching career at CSM follows previous work in law enforcement as a police officer. She is able to bring past ‘war stories’ into the classroom to help students think critically as they develop and move into law enforcement professions. A self-identified practitioner, Katrina is presently a highly regarded polygraphist for U.S. government intelligence.

“Her letters of support underscore her commitment to the criminal justice field through service on a high school advisory council and the Southern Maryland Criminal Justice Academy,” said Abel. “She is a widely respected expert in her field.”

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