CSM Awards Scholarships for 2013-14


215 Students, 76 Scholarships, Southern Maryland Generosity

The College of Southern Maryland celebrated the 2013-14 academic year scholarship awardees and donors on Sept. 12 during a reception at the Fine Arts Center on the La Plata Campus.

“The CSM scholarship program is one of the most important tools we have to help [students] fulfill their dreams,” CSM Board of Trustees Chair Michael Middleton told those attending the reception. “The scholarship program is about someone who you probably don’t know, or probably never even heard about, let alone actually met. It’s someone who believes in you and who believes that you can, and will, make a difference in this world. Your efforts helped you qualify for a scholarship and what we, the donors, want is that you remember the reason a scholarship was created for you. We want you to remember so that someday, you can help someone else achieve their dreams,” Middleton said to students.

Speaking on behalf of the scholarship recipients was CSM theater major Jeremy Hunter of La Plata. “Like many of my fellow students, college is a challenge financially as well as academically. Most students, like me, work several jobs to support themselves while going to school full time. These scholarships allow us to focus on classwork—and for me rehearsing for a show. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but when you award a scholarship, you are not only providing a financial commitment but you are also telling us that you have faith in our abilities.

“This scholarship tells me that you have faith in me as a student and as an actor. And the best way to thank you for this scholarship is to show you that I am indeed worthy of it, which is exactly what I plan to do,” Hunter said.


CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried recognized the individuals and organizations that provide scholarships. “This evening I am honored to recognize the partners and supporters who have wisely invested in their college and its students to help keep education affordable and accessible within Southern Maryland. This in turn enhances the health and welfare of our local economy,” Gottfried said.

Referencing the multiple pages listing scholarships and students who received them, Gottfried said, “CSM benefits from the most generous people in Southern Maryland, who are all willing to establish scholarships so that students can afford college and finish with no or low debt.” Gottfried cited statistics that indicate that 30 percent of the students who take out college loans never finish college and have nothing to show for that debt. Student loan debt is exceeding $1 trillion which is more than consumer loan and credit card debt, and that costs for higher education at four-year colleges have increased more than healthcare costs. “What does that mean for our future,” Gottfried asked.

CSM is taking great strides to educate students, their spouses and parents about the opportunity and wise decision to save more than $29,000 by starting college at CSM rather than a public or private university, said Gottfried.

“We are your gateway to the University of Maryland, UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Penn State, Johns Hopkins, Towson, University of Vermont and thousands of other great colleges and universities. Our students start here and transfer to colleges in more than 40 states. And, we want students to commit to finish here, too. By earning an associate’s degree or certification before transferring or going into a specialized career field, students can walk away as an alum with a credential that means something for your time and money,” Gottfried said.

 A 1975 alumnus of CSM and chair of the CSM Foundation, Jay Lilly told scholarship recipients that he has firsthand knowledge of the support of the Southern Maryland community because, “Just like you, I received my start here, too, with a scholarship years ago.”

Lilly went on to graduate from CSM, and transfer to Georgetown University where he earned a bachelor’s degree.

The following are scholarships awarded for the 2013-14 academic year:

Adjunct Faculty Scholarship (Merit)

Hannah Arnold

Lisa Kreps


Adjunct Faculty Scholarship

Christine Beatty

Abreellen Brown


Albert L. Elder Jr. Family Memorial Scholarship

Christal Andrews

James Rhine, Jr.


Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Sigma Alpha Lambda Chapter

Christopher Graham


Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship

James Byrnes

Lori Matsudaira


Brad and Linda Gottfried Against All Odds Annual Scholarship

Kiara Leer


Brad and Linda Gottfried Art Scholarship

Ryan Murray


Brock Nikolas Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship

Brittany Bowen


C. Emmitt Woodey Theatre Scholarship

Kenneth Waters


Calvert Chamber of Commerce Annual Scholarship

Juana Davidson

Kenneth Howard

Gregory Orr


Calvert Chamber of Commerce Endowed Scholarship

Noelle Swann


Calvert County 350th Anniversary Celebration Endowed Scholarship

Sarnair Butler


Castles and Foundations Scholarship

Jordan Alvey

Tiffani Blackwell

Helga Hertlein

Rani Irvin-Brady

Cynthia Murphy


Charles County Nursing and Allied Health Programs Scholarship

Jennifer Beard

Carrie Catalan

Melissa Morgan

Heather Santimays

Jennifer Young


Charles County Woman's Club Scholarship

Laquita Ames


Charles Robert Posten Memorial Scholarship

Florencio Torres


Chiaramonte Hope Scholarship

Jessie Adkins

Brittany Bowen

Christina DeNeale

Rochelle Douglas

Kimberlyn Grant

Henry Harris

Colleen Newsome

Demetra Rice

Lindsey Thurman

Jason Williams


Christopher Chinault Scholarship

Tara Arnold

Carrie Catalan


Coldwell Banker Jay Lilly Real Estate Scholarship for Construction Trades & Industrial Training

Eric Wheeler


Concerned Black Women of Calvert County – Women in Transition Scholarship

Valerie Dowell


Connie Kite Memorial CSM Nursing Scholarship

Valerie Dowell


Country Inn & Suites Hospitality Scholarship

Kristen Smith


Cove Point Natural Heritage Trust Ruth Mathes Scholarship

Lindsey Thurman


CSM Alumni Association Scholarship

Elizabeth LaGoy


CSM Foundation – Realize Your Potential Scholarship

Dillon Banis

Andrew Boone

Dana Brown

Jenna Courville

Wendy Currie

Erica Dispenza

Stephen Dodson

James Hawkins

Rachel Hoffman

Kellee Johnson

Kristen Keefer

LaShonna Patterson

Alisa Roberts

Danea Spriggs

Jordan Stearns

Christina Thompson

Bonnie Warring

Joseph Welch

Ashley Yonek


CSM Foundation Scholarship for Returning Adults