CSM Administrator to Assist in Oil Spill Clean-up Efforts

Dr. Sue Subocz

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Sue Subocz Recalled to Active Duty by Coast Guard

The College of Southern Maryland’s associate vice president of Academic Affairs has been recalled to active duty this summer in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves to assist with the Gulf Coast oil spill response.

“I will be working in New Orleans as a Coast Guard liaison to the state and/or one or more parishes to ensure that we are all working together as best as possible to minimize the impact to the environment,” said Dr. Sue Subocz, who has a background in public safety leadership and instructional technology.

Subocz, with more than nine years experience in higher education—most recently with positions as chair of the Division of Distance Learning and Faculty Development, and instructor and assistant professor of mathematics and physics—and 12 years of active duty service and nine years of reserve time as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard, was recently selected as CSM’s associate vice president of the Division of Academic Affairs.

 “A quality education made such a difference in my life, providing me with so many great opportunities to see and do things I never would have been able to do otherwise. I am hopeful that in this position I will have the best chance of providing this same kind of opportunity to many more people in the community, whether they are coming right out of high school or looking to CSM as a way to improve their current career situation,” Subocz said.

The most interesting aspect of her new position is getting to see the big picture instead of “a glimpse of how things fit together,” she said.

Subocz first taught as an adjunct professor and then as assistant professor before being named as chair of Distance Learning and Faculty Development in 2006. As chair she worked to review all online programs for CSM students, and managed all distance learning, instructional technology and faculty development courses as well as continuing education courses. Subocz also worked to contract or develop online training courses for local businesses. Her team efforts enabled CSM to be acknowledged as the Distance Learning Program of the Year in 2008 by the Maryland Distance Learning Association.

Subocz has served as chair of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Planning Committee, which brings in college faculty and administrators from throughout the region to learn cutting edge instructional practices from experts and peers. She has also participated as a judge for CSM's robotics competitions for area elementary, middle and high school students. Her service to the institution was publicly recognized when she received the President’s Award in 2007.

Commissioned in the U.S. Coast Guard following graduation with a bachelor of science in civil engineering from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in 1989, Subocz served as assistant engineering officer for Support Center Alameda, Calif., civil engineering/streamlining team program manager at USCG Headquarters in Washington, D.C., assistant engineering officer at USCG Training Center Petaluma, Calif., and deputy assistant project manager for human resources and training for the USCG Deepwater Program. Subocz served in the USCG Reserves, 2001-09.

Subocz has a master’s degree in education from Capella University, a master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Maryland and a doctorate of education from Capella University. She is a doctoral candidate in public safety leadership from Capella University.

 “Experience has shown time and time again that students will be successful when they commit to their own education by setting their academic goals and making a plan to meet those goals,” she said.

Subocz’s current commitment to fill an urgent manpower need in Louisiana will divert her only temporarily from her goals as associate vice president of academic affairs, with an anticipated return in mid-August.