CSM Academic Affairs Associate Vice President Dr. Mitchell Levy Achieves Career Milestones

CSM Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mitchell A. Levy recently achieved several career milestones.

Selected to Serve as NASPA Facilitator, Attends Harvard Higher Education Institutes, Authors Publication

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Mitchell A. Levy has achieved three major career milestones in 2020.

Levy served as a contributing author for The Sage Encyclopedia of Higher Education (4th Ed.), David & Amey (Eds.) which was published in May, 2020 by Sage Publications, Ltd. He was selected to serve as an Associate Vice President Cohort Connections Facilitator for the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education (NASPA) for 2020-2021. And Levy was invited to attend three Harvard University Graduate School of Education Institutes for Higher Education from June through October 2020.

“Dr. Levy’s ongoing commitment to students has been apparent throughout his career and we are thrilled that he continues to share, and grow, his expertise with us and our nationwide colleagues – all of whom are focused on fulfilling the promise of higher education through inclusion and equity,” said CSM Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Eileen Abel. “Dr. Levy truly cares deeply for all students.”

Levy was accepted into the Harvard University Graduate Institute of Educational Management Class of 2020 in February. The program prepares senior leaders in higher education to address the most pressing challenges they face, including setting strategic direction and getting buy-in from key stakeholders, competing successfully in a dynamic marketplace, optimizing the impact of financial and human resources, embracing the right emerging technologies, leveraging diversity and creating an inclusive community on campus, and responding to questions about the relevance and effectiveness of higher education primarily in the U.S. context, while considering international perspectives

Levy, who has a doctorate in counseling psychology and human systems from Florida State University, earned his master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Boston University.  With more than 36 years of experience in higher education, Levy joined CSM in March 2019. During his career he has served in roles of vice president for branch campus management, enrollment management, student affairs, campus dean, dean of students and executive director of counseling, advising and academic support within Academic Affairs. He has also worked as chair of freshman seminar courses and bridge programs, director of counseling, director of advising, director of disability support services, grant author and community development advocate, to name a few.