Board of Trustees Issues Statement Confirming CSM’s Commitment to Building Culture of Equity, Condemning Injustice in all Forms

The College of Southern Maryland (CSM) Board of Trustees issued a statement today confirming its commitment to building a culture of equity and condemning injustice in all its forms.

Statement from the Board of Trustees

We commit to work for the change we seek.

We believe the College of Southern Maryland advances social justice and economic mobility for all Southern Marylanders through its educational programs.

As members of the Board of Trustees at the College of Southern Maryland, we commit to supporting the work of the college in building a culture of equity and strengthening an inclusive environment that nurtures and supports all learners.

We condemn injustice in all its forms. Racism violates our core values, and will not be tolerated. As citizen trustees, we commit to and hold ourselves accountable for equity in all facets of our policy governance of the College of Southern Maryland.



Jay W. Webster, Chair

Shawn B. Coates, Vice-chair

Samuel C. Jones, Trustee

Christy Lombardi, Trustee

Jose M. Gonzalez, Trustee

Cordelia S. Postell, Trustee

Kenneth W. Abell, Trustee

Sonja M. Cox, Trustee

Dr. John W. Roache, Trustee

Dr. Maureen Murphy, Secretary-Treasurer and President

The CSM Board of Trustees is the governing body of the college. Trustees are appointed by the governor from citizenry of Calvert, Charles, and St. Mary’s counties. The board consists of nine members, each given a five-year term of office. Learn more by visiting,