Amanda Stafford Shares Classics Books

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Stafford Donates Books to the St. Charles Children’s Learning Center

Amanda Stafford, secretary of The Stafford Foundation, participated in the College of Southern Maryland’s “Celebrity Reader” program at the St. Charles Children’s Learning Center on the La Plata Campus. CSM’s “Celebrity Reader” program features readers throughout the year to help promote a love of reading with its youngest students.

   Stafford read several books to the children, and donated two of books to the CLC’s permanent collection.  She read “Jesse Bear, What will You Wear” by Nancy White Carlstrom; “I Can Read with My Eyes Shut,” by Dr. Seuss; and the two donated books, “And Here’s to You,” by David Elliot and “Oliver,” by Syd Hoff.

An avid reader with her own grandchildren, Stafford discussed the importance of reading to children at an early age. “This is the age when children develop a love of reading, which then translates to a love of learning,” she said. “When you read to children and spend time with children you make an investment in them and their future and it is so important to have programs such as this, to build those educational foundations.” 

Stafford and her husband Earl W. Stafford first gained national recognition when The Stafford Foundation sponsored the People’s Inaugural Project in celebration of President Barack Obama’s inauguration. The Foundation paid $2 million to cover all costs including the J.W. Marriott’s “Build Your Own Ball” package which included 300 rooms, four suites and a roof-top view of the parade under a heated tent. The Stafford Foundation reached out to non-profit organizations across the country and invited more than 400 people including wounded veterans, the disadvantaged, underprivileged children, the terminally ill, the chronically unemployed, residents from battered women shelters and individuals from all walks of life to participate in the celebration.  For information about The Stafford Foundation and its current works, visit

  The St. Charles Children’s Learning Center at CSM features Celebrity Readers throughout the year and provides quality childcare and a safe learning environment for the children of students, faculty, staff and community. For information, visit