2012-13 Scholarship Application Season Begins at CSM

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The College of Southern Maryland begins the 2012-13 academic year scholarship application process on Feb. 3. CSM students can search nearly 50 scholarships through May 31 for matches to their backgrounds and financial needs in a wide variety of academic programs using CSM’s Online Scholarship Finder for the 2012-13 academic year.

“We’ve had a great response in numbers of scholarship applications since Scholarship Finder opened in 2010,” said Martina Arnold, CSM development director. “There is money available for all students in a variety of programs of study so we are encouraging students to apply right up to the deadline.” The online application process guides students directly to scholarships for which they are most eligible and allows them to apply for multiple scholarships with one unified application. Students can apply at their convenience as the site operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students are encouraged to apply early for best consideration.

            Students register at http://www.csmd.edu/financial/scholarships/ and use the online scholarship application system to answer questions pertaining to their education (such as high school, year of graduation, etc.), finances (income, work status), county residence, responsibilities (dependents, volunteer activities, etc.) and educational goals (intended major, program of study, projected graduation date, etc.). The system then takes the students’ answers and matches them to scholarships available only through the CSM Foundation.

This past fall, 586 students applied for scholarships and the foundation awarded 204, said CSM Foundation Chair Jay Lilly.

One of those awarded a scholarship was Devin Robinson, of Accokeek, who received the Gary D. Smith Memorial Scholarship for students studying communications and the arts.

 “It is a great comfort to see these students following their dreams. Gary would be honored,” said CSM Safe Communities Center Project Coordinator Linda Smith, who created the scholarship in memory of her husband, a longtime photojournalist for the Maryland Independent. Smith’s three grown children and their spouses made donations to their father’s scholarship this year instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, she said.

“The college is advancing our community in education, workforce development, and quality of life. This year the CSM Foundation awarded more than $180,000 in scholarships to students,” said Arnold.

“There is a growing student population and a growing need for support to help students succeed. An educated workforce will strengthen the economy and the community in which we live,” said Lilly.

            For information on contributing to the CSM Foundation scholarship fund, visit http://www.csmd.edu/foundation/.

If you are interested in learning more about establishing a scholarship contact Arnold  at martina.arnold@csmd.edu or 301-934-7649.

            To use CSM’s Scholarship Finder visit www.csmd.edu/financial/scholarships/. For information on scholarships and financial aid assistance at CSM, call 301-934-7531 or 301-870-2309, 240-725-5499 or 443-550-6199, Ext. 7531.


2011-12 Academic Year Foundation Scholarships Awarded

Forty & Eight Society Scholarship

Lorry Hager

Jasmine Santifer


CSM Alumni Scholarship

Erica Shanks


Anna Mae Ziencik Hess Memorial Scholarship

Monika Lubonski

David Maines

Brian McKnight

Kurobuboka Tamunoitekena


Rebekah Boone & Vivian Edelen Schoarship

Maggie Quade


B. N. Guerrieri Memorial Scholarship

Jeanette Owens

Sheri-Ann Williams


Charles County Woman's Club Scholarship

Doris Davis


Calvert Chamber of Commerce Scholarship-CSM Foundation

Kelsey Gieseler

Monica Jones

Robert Moran

Susan Wood



Chiaramonte Hope Scholarship Fund

Toyan Bell

David Burroughs

Shante Freeland

Charvette Johnson

Krisitina Maxwell

Edward Parke

Alexandria Richburg

Jennifer Rosales

Lori Simpson

Christina Vance


Russell Gordon Croft Scholarship

Sasha Blake

Sarah Farmer


Albert L. Elder, Jr. Family Scholarship 

Karen Elder

Linda Lopez


La Verda Francis & Richard Blair Scholarship 

Jeanette Owens

Maggie Quade

Emily Quade


Home Towne Real Estate Scholarship

Rosalynn Adams

Spencer Drake

Erin Ruopp

Kerri Stallings

Devin Turner


CSM Foundation – Realize Your Potential Scholarship

Rhonda Cromer

Robin Givens

Lorry Hager

Barbara Hargis

Jennifer Harris

Kristen Hartsough

Dina Hayden

Nitea Johnson

Brandi Kiraly

Kari Marlowe

Krisitina Maxwell

Candice Molock

Caroline Munene

Amber Sakadales

Lenyk Scott

Stefanie Shelton

Kerri Stallings

Nicole Tennison

Cristina Vandroff

Lauren Young


CSM Foundation Scholarship for Returning Adults

Gabriela Amaya

Soseipiriala Bakaye

Deanna Bowling

Joyce Close

Marie Miller

Brigette Morton

Sandra Richardson

Connie Shepherd

Kurobuboka Tamunoitekena

Sarah Tollefsen


Walter Grove II Memorial Art Scholarship