Warren Brown Brings His ‘CakeLove’ Message to CSM

Founder and owner of CakeLove bakeries in the Washington

Career Services Wants Students to Hear Entrepreneur’s Passion

Founder and owner of Washington, D.C.’s CakeLove bakeries Warren Brown spoke with students at the College of Southern Maryland on following their passion—adding a few baking tips to the lecture for good measure.

“Bringing real world professionals to campus for students to engage with inspires them in their own career exploration and education. It helps bring students out of the day-to-day grind of classes, homework and studying to give them a glimpse of the possibilities for their own futures,” said CSM Career Services Associate Director Lisa Warren on organizing the event.

Brown told students how he left a career practicing law as a litigator for the federal government to found CakeLove bakery in 2002. Now with six retail storefronts and national attention from appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show and Today Show, Brown is using his celebrity status to speak to students on creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and individual paths to success.

“We wanted students to have the opportunity to hear a compelling career story and talk directly with a well-known professional,” said Warren. “His career background includes many things that college students can relate to: exploring career options, career changes and discovering your career passion. While his story is universal, his current business is also something that CSM business students, hospitality students and aspiring entrepreneurs can learn from.”

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Inspired to Follow Dream Careers

by Daniel Mason

Attendees at the College of Southern Maryland’s Nov. 29 career presentation “CakeLove: Find your Passion. Follow Your Calling,” about a lawyer turned baker, said they would also leave their current job to pursue their one true passion in life.

After listening to guest speaker Warren Brown’s story, several audience members at the La Plata Campus felt inspired and said they would also like to follow their dream job given the opportunity.

            Brown, founder of CakeLove, worked as a litigator before he decided to follow his dream of becoming a baker. He opened his first store in 2002 and has grown to six stores all over the Washington, D.C., metro area.

Many people said they admired Brown’s success story.

            “He is a very smart man that was self-taught when it came to cooking or baking because he studied law and didn’t study anything about bakery or cooking,” said Anna Grow of Charles County.
            Audience members related to Brown’s desire to feel fulfilled and happy with his career. Many of the people that attended work at jobs that help pay bills, but if given the choice, they would pursue careers in cooking, farming, entertainment or music.

            Nikki Taylor from Calvert County said, “My dream job would be to be the owner of a bed and breakfast. I would absolutely leave my job to pursue this dream.” She said she previously had a profession in the medical field and is currently enrolled at the college to find a career that will fulfill her.

             “I would leave my current job to pursue my dream career,” agreed Tracey Sewell of Charles County. “I would be something in the ministry of serving God.”
            Many admired Brown’s dedication and motivation to leave a successful career in law and start a business in which he had no experience.
            James Ayers, an audience member visiting from Washington, D.C., said, “I liked Warren’s story because he is so passionate in what he does.”

            Many agreed that Brown’s passion led him to be a successful baker and business man. Although Brown didn’t have any experience in baking before starting his business, most of those attending his talk agreed that his cupcakes tasted “amazing.”

            The event, sponsored by CSM’s Career Services Department, served as an inspiration for most to find something they are good at and to follow that dream.
                Daniel Mason is a student at the College of Southern Maryland enrolled in COM2300 Writing for the Media.