CSM Clinical Instructor Visits Children’s Learning Center at CSM for Teddy Bear Clinic

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The St. Charles Children’s Learning Center at the College of Southern Maryland hosted a teddy bear clinic, Jan. 7. Students brought in their teddy bears, or other favorite stuffed animals, and “Nurse Laura” assisted in making teddy ‘all better’. CSM Clinical Instructor Laura Sullivan, who also practices at St. Mary’s Hospital, taught the children how to help teddy feel better with everything from bandaging a cut to providing medication for the common cold. Children also learned about proper hand-washing techniques and covering their mouths with their elbows to prevent spreading germs. Here Sullivan assists Dillan Kuhl in giving a shot to her stuffed animal kitten. For information on the Children’s Learning Center, visit http://www.csmd.edu/clc. For information on CSM’s Health Sciences program visit http://www.csmd.edu/academics.