Colleen Rudolph Shares Insight, Inspiration for ‘Dystopias’

Colleen Rudolph

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Colleen Rudolph, sculptor and a featured artist in the current exhibit, “Dystopias,” on display in the College of Southern Maryland’s Tony Hungerford Memorial Art Gallery, presented at the gallery talk on Feb. 4 in the Fine Arts Center on the La Plata Campus. Rudolph discussed how her displayed work focuses primarily on the interconnectedness of machines and animals. “Humans are the pivot point between machines and animals,” said Rudolph. “Machines are void of the things we and animals share.” She also spoke of the difficulties of explaining her role as an artist at times. “This world can seem disturbing. How do you deal with that? How do we move through life with so much tragedy going on around us? What can I find in an otherwise dark moment that is inspiring? I’ve found that if you’re able to find a moment of peace in it, you’ll get through it,” said Rudolph. She also spoke about how she feels her role as an artist is to stay grounded while searching for meaning beyond the obvious. “I can be of this place that is ugly, but I can transcend it as well.”